Want to Try Out Some Creative Writing Exercises?

There comes a time in every writer’s life that they will have writer’s block. They will not be able to find anything to write about. Creative writing exercises are perfect to do to help writers find what they can write about, whether it’s a news article or book, for instance. It is better to do creative writing exercises, instead of sitting, staring at the computer with your pen or pencil in your hand. Writers will find these exercises are quite enjoyable when done for a few minutes or hours. It just depends on what mood the writer is in.

One creative exercise writers can do are writing prompts. It allows the writer to use his or her imagination. Writing prompts can make the writer write for a long period of time, especially if it’s something they enjoy talking about. One idea is talking about a dream or nightmare the writer had the night before. This could end up being the writer’s next book. When writing prompts, try to remember site, people’s faces, what each person were doing, and so forth. On the other hand, if your dream was scary, such as dreaming of zombies attacking you, you may not want to write about it, unless you just want to have a laugh while writing about it.

Consider writing or doing a video recording of yourself when you were younger. Pick an age that you would like to communicate with yourself. It is anything you want it to be.  It does not matter if it’s bad or good. It does not matter. It may get emotional for the writer, but at the same time, you will have inspiration to write about it, if you wish. Write or talk about things that were important or affected you. This could be an inspiration for your next story.

The alphabet exercise is a fun creative exercise to do. The idea of the alphabet exercise is to use each letter of the alphabet in a sentence. This will be a difficult, but fun exercise to do. Use all the resources that are available to you, such as online dictionaries. The idea of the alphabet exercise is to create a story with each alphabet letter as the first word of each sentence. It does not matter if the story sounds strange. It’s all about having fun and thinking outside of the box.

Another creative writing exercise is writing about a scene. Find a site, whether it is where you are at the moment or another site, but it is best to write on a site on where you are at the moment.  Write a few sentences on your surroundings. What do you see? What is the atmosphere like? The idea of this creative writing exercise is for you to begin a story. Writers shock themselves on how much writing they can do with just their surroundings. Once you have the scene in place, you can add characters.

Character exercises are another good creative writing exercise to complete. In order to complete the exercise, writers will need to come up with a name. The name doesn’t matter. It’s anything he or she wants. Writers who cannot think of a name, should make use of the Internet where they can find loads of names. Once you come up with a name, think of that person’s character, such as what is their personality like. Do they have a family? Are they single? What kind of job do they have? Write about anything that comes to mind. This could be a character to use for your next story.

Think of a story that you remember someone telling you. Even if you remember bits and pieces of the story, write it anyways. While writing, you can add to it make it more interesting. You may remember some other things that were left off in the story that you heard. If you get stuck, try reading some creative writing examples for inspiration. Who knows what will bring the spark?