The 6 Largest Publishers In The Market Today

Books are one item that never goes out of fashion. While half of all books sales have now transitioned to online formats, the sale of stories remains as strong as ever. For those thinking about becoming writers or for existing writers who are focusing on getting published, this is cause for celebration. Thankfully, with so many options available, getting published is easier than ever. Worldwide the publishing industry is worth close to 150 billion USD between them. If you are thinking about getting your book into print, our list of the 6 largest publishing companies in the industry today will come in handy.


Pearson, whose headquarters is located in London, England, is the biggest publishing house in the world. They handle most of the publishing for corporations, schools, and students and serve over 70 countries in the world. They are behind the majority of educational printing and makes up about 6.4 billion USD of the total market. They have been around since 1844 which is one of the reasons they are able to capture so much of the market share across the globe.

Barnes and Noble Press Self-publishing

Barnes & Noble Press, which used to be known as NOOK Press, is one of the largest publishers available for self-published authors. Although they have tough competition from Amazon, the fact that it is linked to an actual bookstore allows it to maintain its market share, despite the competition. The interface is easy to use and unlike some brick and mortar publishing houses, authors have the freedom to publish across multiple platforms with no exclusions.


RELX is another British publishing house that serves just over 180 nations. It is mainly focused on the publishing of medical, technical, legal, and scientific materials but considering it is the second-largest publisher in the world, it prints a lot. The name may not be familiar because it was actually was created from a merger between Reed International and Elsevier, who were both mid-level publishers in their own rights.

Amazon KDP Self-publishing

There would be no list of big publishers without Amazon making the cut. In fact, Amazon accounts for three-quarters of all eBook sales in the US and is the biggest purveyor of digital books in the entire world. Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon Publishing are separate entities, however, as a whole, they have made their mark on the publishing world and are still going strong. Kindle Direct Publishing is ideal for those looking to self publish while Amazon Publishing works just like any other brick and mortar publishing house.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is one of the more well-known publishing houses in the world even though it’s only the third largest of traditional publishers. This publishing house was founded in 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, and accounts for 5 billion of the annual publishing income worldwide. They are known for their branded sponsorships, investments, and more. They print a wide assortment of books ranging from children’s books to legal tomes the world over. For being such a young company, they have managed to amass a large following that has given them a huge market share.

Apple Books Self-publishing

Apple is known for a lot of things, but its publishing is not one of them. However, they opened a self-publishing platform in 2010, and just two years after that boasted a library of over 400 million books available for download. It can be hard to monetize a book on the platform, but that has not stopped anyone from using Apple to publish. The fact that there is no fee to publish is one of the many reasons the platform has been able to draw so many authors. Keep in mind there are a lot more publishing houses out there to chose from, and we have only covered the top six in the world in our post today. If you have dreams of becoming a published author, be sure to check out our vast resources available here.